Sex and Relationship Therapy

Sex and Relationship therapy covers a range of presentations, I've mentioned some of these below. I offer a free 20 minute no obligation zoom chat so that you can establish if I'm the right therapist for you and If this is the right therapy pathway for you.

Relationship Matters

-Intimate relationships of all types

-Enhancing relationships

-Relationship changes/ difficulties

-Compromised Trust




-Exploring Relationship Structures

-Exploring Intimacy

-Adverse relational experiences

Sex Matters

-Pain during sex

-Lower/Higher Desire/Interest in sex

-Erection concerns

-Delayed Ejaculation

-Rapid Ejaculation

-Painful sex

-Birth Trauma

-Orgasm Concerns

-Adverse sexual experiences

-Technique and Education

Sexuality, Identity, Practices & Expressions

-Relationship with and expressions of body

-Exploration/ embracing of sexual and romantic attractions and identities

- Gender Identity/ Expression


-Distressing sexual thoughts and behaviours

-Kink/ BDSM

-Sexual and romantic relating (including monogamy, non-monogamy and everything outside and in-between)

-pleasure and joy

-Guilt and shame

- Sex work

-Boundaries/ consent/ communication

-Issues relating to aging

-Issues related to medications, disability, surgery or other chronic conditions

-Daily life/ cultural/societal pressures

-coming out

- Self esteem/ compassion/ confidence

- burnout, stigma, oppression, discrimination and marginalisation