A Therapist

As a CORST Registered Psychosexual and Relationship Therapist, I currently work with Couples and Individuals via Zoom covering a range of presenting issues.

My Training on the London Diploma in Psychosexual and Relationship Therapy equipped me with an active tool kit filled with knowledge, theory and ideas that I use as the foundations for my psychosexual and couples work.

My style is 'Integrative' which means that I use a variety of counselling modalities and theories. I tend to favour those that are creative and emotive in nature with humanistic values. I follow the work of Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy) which focuses on the moment and what’s happening in the present time, Fritz Perls felt strongly on the principle of viewing humans as a whole entity consisting of body, mind and soul, and best understood when viewed through their own eyes, not by looking back into the past but by bringing the past into the present.

Other therapists I follow are: David Schnarch, Esther Perel and Hedy Schleifer. There are many more but these are the people who resonate with me the most and I carry their ideas in couples and relationship therapy into my work.

A Human Being

I've got a long and extensive history for someone who's only in their 30's and although I won't share all of my personal history (this is your space not mine) you can be sure that if I say I can empathise; it means just that.

I'm an ex paediatric nurse and spent many years working in intensive care before I suffered burn-out and re-evaluated my choices.

Becoming a therapist was (and still is) a life changing journey for me, I faced my own personal challenges around identity, congruence and expectations and certainly learned how 'human' I am and became comfortable with being 'perfectly imperfect'.

Carl Jung once said that therapists are 'wounded healers' and that's certainly true of me.

I've experienced couples therapy and personal therapy myself - as part of my training but also for my own personal development. I also remain active in supervision which is where one therapist meets a more senior therapist, who reviews and aids in their work, in order to make sure the work has good boundaries, is ethical and professional. Supervision is also used to share knowledge and check-in for self care.